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  • Enables detailed recipient tracking from your existing email
  • Sends you real time email alerts when prospects engage
  • Creates, sends and tracks video & multimedia email messages
  • Tracks when email recipients open and view sent files
  • Sends and tracks interactive video postcards for prospecting 

How It  Works

Using your existing email address and service provider, you can create and send emails with videos and video postcards that engage target prospects and customers while instantly tracking and reporting actionable viewer data by email address. The postcard platform integrates with your personal email and mail server by setting up a simple outbound SMTP mail server function like setting up email on a mobile phone or tablet.

Salespeople can receive instant email notifications whenever a prospect views an email, a video file or any other type of file sent to the recipient prospect, enabling faster follow up and higher engagement rates. Sixteen unique types of viewing activity are measured, providing real time visibility into how your message is being consumed. Viewing activity reports can be easily distributed to sales teams for immediate follow up.

Online Video Postcards Improve Return on Video Production Investment

Increase Your Sales Response Rates – Multimedia video postcards increase response rates because your audience receives customized video content from an individual, familiar source. You will generate better qualified leads because your communications have the power to inform and educate using video.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle –The software tells you when individual prospects, customers, and channel partners are engaging with your email messages and videos and collateral, providing detailed information such as video starts, time spent, response actions and email sharing activity. Salespeople can immediately assess how much interest prospects have and respond to them quickly when their interest level is the highest.