On this page are some examples of Digital Postcard platforms.

Digital postcards are interactive landing pages or microsites with built-in viewer tracking and reporting that combine video (or multiple videos) with branding, messaging, images, web links, forms, interactive buttons and more. They enable viewers to engage with a video message and immediately take action or share with co-workers, friends, or family members.

Delivered using a variety of distribution methods, most often by internal email or an integrated email service provider, digital postcards reach your target audience with a dynamic viewing experience, even on mobile devices. They can also be embedded into websites and social media and sent by text message. These unique vehicles leverage the advantages of using online video with interactive multimedia, combined with comprehensive tracking and reporting.

Video and digital postcards are highly successful methods to communicate with your target audience and significantly increase engagement, interaction and response rates, as compared to static print and non-interactive email communications.

Key Platform and Software Features

  • Easy to use – no programming or IT support required
  • Quickly create interactive video postcards and microsites
  • Instant reporting of campaign and individual viewer activity
  • Embed tools for video email, websites and social media
  • Integrates with all internal and external email systems
  • Works seamlessly on mobile smartphones and tablets
  • Drag-and-drop video + multimedia content creative studio
  • Create custom video players that support multiple videos
  • IP security tools for sensitive internal communications
  • Unlimited audio and video file hosting and delivery
  • Enables detailed recipient tracking from your existing email
  • Sends you real time email alerts when prospects engage
  • Creates, sends and tracks video & multimedia email messages
  • Tracks when email recipients open and view sent files
  • Sends and tracks interactive video postcards for prospecting