Public Relations & Legislative Strategy

  • We help unions and other organizations maximize public exposure Through “earned” or “free” media strategies that put a union or other organization’s issues before the public in a positive light.
  • We will educate the public about policy issues involving      our union and other organization clients.
  • We write press releases, press statements, or testimony for public hearings and schedule and run media conferences.


  • We will help you develop a strategic communications plan for internal and external communications that will build a strong foundation for moving your organization forward.
  • We are a full-service media agency – we write, design, produce and place your television and radio ads, as well as Internet, billboards and newspaper ads.
  • We will design, update or develop new content for your website, email communications and social media accounts.
  • We write, design and produce informational videos of any length.
  • We design, write and edit traditional or email newsletters, newspapers, annual reports, and other internal or external communications.
  • We design and produce high quality, full-color brochures, magazines, and direct mail.
  • We design and produce telephone communications with your membership, including survey calls and informational calls.


​​Strategic Planning

  • We design marketing and communications strategies for unions and other organizations – both short term and long range, internal and external.
  • We work to improve the relationship between a union or organization’s leaders and their staff and membership.
  • We provide strategic and tactical planning services to unions in support of their efforts in collective bargaining:

            o  We place a special emphasis on bargaining for health ​and 

​                welfare and pension benefits contributions, and in planning for

                collective bargaining strategies needed to obtain sufficient

                funding for these benefits.

            o  These services include advice and counsel on collective

                bargaining strategies and evaluation of employer proposals and

                bids by providers for specific health care and pension fund

                management services.

  • We oversee the implementation of the strategic and tactical plan we develop for your organization.
  • We also provide polling and focus group services.