robert wolper

Vice President

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Bob Wolper is the Vice President of Strategic Communications and has worked as a lobbyist, government and public affairs specialist, and political consultant in Pennsylvania since 1977. Bob started his public affairs career as a lobbyist, political action committee director, and public relations officer for the Retail Clerks Union of Pennsylvania, now known as the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Local 1776. He edited the union’s award-winning newspaper, The Dialogue, for 11 years. As a lobbyist, Bob has worked on all of the major labor-related issues before the PA General Assembly from the 1980s to the present, first as a staff representative and now as an independent consultant. These issues included job security and job creation legislation, as well as fighting attempts to privatize government agencies like the PA Liquor Control Board. He was involved in working for agency shop, fair share fee, workplace safety, minimum wage, as well as unemployment and workers’ compensation reform legislation. He has an extensive network of contacts with state and national union and political leaders. Bob also has performed strategic planning and general consulting services for Democratic candidates for elected office at the federal, state, and local government levels, as well as for unions and other organizations. In addition, Bob runs educational programs on lobbying, using simulation techniques; and he provides assistance to set up, monitor and run public affairs programs for unions and human service organizations in Pennsylvania and other states, including New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland & Washington.

He has developed political and issue campaign messaging for unions and organizations, from conception through production, and then through delivery to target audiences.

Bob also works with firms in new and emerging technologies, to help them develop business opportunities and apply cost savings strategies to the communications needs of client unions and organizations.